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I recently completed work on an instructional book titled FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS, due for general release on July 28, 2015. Watson-Guptill Publications an imprint of Random House is publishing the how-to book on drawing the human figure from memory. Visit www.randomhouse.com for more details.

FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS is for anyone who ever dreamed of picking up a pencil and drawing spontaneously from the imagination.

My own experiences in learning the craft of freehand drawing as a student, and then much later in teaching it, convinced me to be proactive. FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS introduces you to a methodology that is designed to solve many drawing problems before they arise.

The book offers up a constructive approach to drawing the human figure based on a simplified model - a drawn mannequin. View More

This mannequin allows you to focus first on posing and on blocking in the figure in perspective before having to tackle specifics such as anatomy, folds in clothing and lighting.

FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS is also full of insider tips on how to avoid stiffness, maximize the gestural potential of a pose and give your drawn figures three-dimensional volume.

In short FREEHAND FIGURE DRAWING FOR ILLUSTRATORS will help you to achieve a high level of versatility by teaching you how to draw the human figure in any pose, and from any angle without the need for reference.

This is what drawing should be about, straight from the mind to the page with no stops or detours along the way!

David H. Ross

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